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The idea behind Tattoocyn is to offer innovative products and solutions to our friends, the tattoo artists around the world. We knew from the start back in 2012 that we had to make working closely with studios and artists a big part of our philosophy, and over the years we have had many awesome and respected artists from around the world help test out our products and recommend them to their customers, giving us invaluable insight along the way. Today we work together to do our best to bring authentic products to the tattoo industry.

Tattoocyn is developed and made in Sweden by a team of professional tattoo artists and leading dermatologists in state of the art production facilities. It is a no-brainer for us to make sure our products are made under cruelty-free conditions (that no single ingredient has been tested on an animal) and that they are fully compatible with a vegan lifestyle. We are always working hard to make our products as ecologically friendly as possible.

The creative side of the tattoo industry is another big part of our philosophy. On our different social outlets you will see us walking convention floors, making visits to studios and artists and showcasing all the cool work by tattoo talent around the world. We want to do what we can to support and foster creativity in the tattoo world, and we can only do it by being a part of it.

Our Story

Back in 2011, Abbott Ransjö was getting some new ink done on his upper arm. The session with the artist went great, but when he came home his tattoo developed a serious infection. Sometime later, a call to his old friend and colleague Per Hall quickly drifted towards the lackluster options available for tattoo aftercare, and the two entrepreneurs were quick to brainstorm ideas for what would become Tattoocyn.

It became clear from the beginning that they couldn’t create the product they wanted without the help and input of experienced artists and studios. A partnership with the renowned Scandinavian studio Zoi Tattoo led to a lot of formulas and solutions being tried and auditioned, but with none really living up to expectations. The journey eventually took Tattoocyn to Brussels, where the rights to an aftercare formula that had been used for decades in Asia was acquired. Fast forward to January 2013, and the first batch of Tattoocyn was delivered from the factory.

After rigorous testing, the first Tattoocyn aftercare product, Tattoocyn Forte, was officially launched during a busy week at Zoi Tattoo. Many of the studio’s artists were impressed by Tattoocyn’s ability to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process – however, Tattoocyn Forte proved to be best suited for use and application by professionals. So it was back to the drawing board to work on a more consumer-friendly version that also could be used at home.

The search for the new Tattoocyn formula started out less than great. The production consultants had a hard time modifying the original formula to fit without more or less developing a brand new one, and without guaranteed results. Not wanting to abandon the project after getting entangled in the tattoo industry, many months were spent studying hundreds of scientific articles, documents and books on dermatology and the skin’s natural healing processes.

May of 2015 was a great month for Tattoocyn. After years of hard work the Tattoocyn Combo system was launched in collaboration with leading Swedish tattoo supplier Lundberg Customs at the International Tattoo Convention in Copenhagen. The launch was a success, and Tattoocyn Combo became the first aftercare solution on the market to directly address the key mechanisms involved in the skin’s healing process, using a combination of cleansing and caring formulas that work in synergy for optimal healing.

Follow our journey as we continue to bring authentic products to the tattoo industry.

Abbott and Per – InkBash 2015

Lundberg Customs CPH ITC 2015

Our story Tattoocyn
Tattoocyn Combo Product Shot

Tattoocyn Combo is our innovative tattoo aftercare system - made and developed in Sweden and based on our research on the tattoo healing process.

Tattoocyn Combo is our innovative tattoo aftercare system - made and developed in Sweden and based on our research on the tattoo healing process.

Tattoocyn Love Your Ink - how to care for your tattoo
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